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LEGO Ninjago - Fire Mech (70615). and the character designs are really good. I will surely buy more soon.. for example in SWTOR I have 16 characters all above. have the option to purchase more character slots,. after the option to buy more character slots.More ideal, IMO would be to hold on to this but have PVP, PVE, and alt spec tabs for effective gear with the appearance tabs overlaying all of them.If they offered us 4/6 slots will you buy more slots from their. Guild Wars 2 Character Slots. Luckilly those people are still roaming the SWTOR.

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On the other hand, start leveling as well since most gear now are adaptive.Well as you can see in the response there are people who want features like this.Depending on your account status, you will start off with a certain amount of character slots per server: Subscribers have 24 active characters per server.

It only overwrite the slots you appear the gear to in the tab.Now you have the good stats from the ugly armor, and the cool look from the armor in tab 1.

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I agree with you, however, i think this appearance option wont ruin the unique class looks more than the hundreds of not-swtor-looking sets.

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It will save people time and credits to constantly switch between gear and mods.All your skills are given to you and your gear comes from coms not credits.How can noone communicate about an outfit designer system regarding how dyes work.

Augmented gear shells need to be stored in the cargo bay, if you want to use them again.But like i said since i got the main tab with gear stat and my 5 with the out fits i like, it saves me numerous credits plus time wasted in the future to constantly switching mods out between gear with better appearances i like, specially if you are into roleplaying.This new system puts much more focus on the absurd, outdated, limited dye system, because ppl will most likely use dyes on each appearance slots, meaning the demand for dyes will jump up suddenly.Star Trek Online- Entirely free changing and free to dye as you like.I absolutely hate having to transfer every single mod in a set of armor to a different one if I want to look different.

Of course you will have the choice to unlock up to 16 tabs and you can reuse armour pieces for multiple tabs so you can swap between tabs to change the look in an instant after different looks have been added.If I make my costume out of light armor shells and wear it on my mercenary for example will I lose armor rating.You can unify each individual piece with the chest color in the outfit designer.I think quick-switching between roles would benefit more from the ability to save specs and keybinds.I almost never actually use my gray helix sabers any longer, but if I could make it part of a specific look, absolutely.And because the skills are free now all my new level 60s start off with over a million credits.Or I can just use this fine QoL system and save myself time, while adding a bit of flare to my normal gaming experience.Which MMO has the best and worst economy. most of the normal game activities to buy more than basic. only gain augment slots when you.IMO: Kinda meh feature with adaptive armor around but it has potential.

Any gear you want to have for looks you do not need to keep in your inventory.DC Universe: Arkham Asylum Batman Action Figure available. DC Universe: Arkham Asylum Batman Action Figure. Looks Just like Photo can't wait to buy more.For Star Wars: The Old Republic on. Limiting character slots punishing people who bought the game?. subscribers had 8 character slots, and could buy more.

I like it, but I thought that there will be a colour crystal slot as well.RP or not, you want something bad enough you should be willing to work for it, no.As it appears from the guide that is correct, you can utilize BoL gear for the stats only and replace their appearance on each character with something more appealing.Since there has long been adaptive armor now, limiting the outfit designer for light and medium armor wearers is annoying.I guess some people would scream bloody murder if this were ONLY available with cartel coins.If you rp quite a lot, why are you RPing them in heavy armour.Even a casual player gets nearly a million after finishing Rishi and Yavin storyline.This means you will have a total of 12 character slots by default, just like current Preferred Status players.. but I wanted to buy more than one. so Republic and Imperial characters can share the space. and features you can visit our Star Wars: The Old Republic Game.

Lets say i use 5 different sets, then i need to buy 4 tab given the first is free, then pay i pay 5 x 98K a total.Short answer: Yes! Long answer: Free to play players get 2 free character slots, preferred status players get 6 and subscribers get 12, however anyone can buy more.Since they decided to offer an in-game credits option as well, some people will moan about that instead.

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Still, it is a matter of few seconds to switch armor the old way.

Before the Outfit Designer we were spending over 500k to change and augment new gear.Access all Elder Game activities from anywhere in Star Wars:. earns Command points which level up your character’s Command. bonus activities earn you more.

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